Decon+ Prep & Maintance Foam Wash 16oz.

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Our Specially Formulated multi-surface foaming wash is the perfect first step for ceramic coating prep. Also amazing as a maintenance wash for all surfaces.  Cars, boats, RVs, Motorcycles, aircrafts, or even around the home! 

We formulated this Eco-conscious Ph neutral combo to be 100% free of Wax, Silicone, and Dyes.

Safely removes Dirt, Grease, Tar, Bugs, Iron Contaminants and any other junk we didn't mention.

Add 1oz to a foam gun, or apply a small amount directly to a wash mit or sponge and apply to small sections before rinsing mit.  Let stand 3-4 minutes then rinse thoroughly with filtered water then dry. 

Note: For heavy contamination FALLOUT iron remover will still be needed.
Deacon+ may affect oil base waxes.