Residential Applications For Interior and Exterior

Your home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. Protect and preserve the finishes in your home or place of business while keeping them cleaner and healthier with Liquid Armour Coatings.

These incredible coatings bond on the molecular level making them extremely durable and antimicrobial thanks to the effects of the ceramic nano particles. Imagine a kitchen, bathroom, or office in which dirt, mold, hard water buildup, food stains, and bacteria can no longer stick! Liquid Armour provides permanent protection from the elements making the coated surfaces last longer and look better.

With Liquid Armour your home or work place will also be more eco friendly since harsh and expensive cleaning chemicals will no longer be needed while dramatically reducing maintenance!  

Long Lasting Protection

Ceramic coatings are proven to increase the efficiency of a structure thanks to their insulating properties. Glass windows and other surfaces that are coated with Liquid Armour 9H will not only look their best, but will also help block the transfer of heat.

Our Ceramic coating can be applied to almost any surface including:

Windows, Counter tops, Appliances, Sinks and tubs, Bathroom tile and grout, Shower glass enclosures, Wood and more