HYDROPHOBIA Synthetic Sealant 16oz.

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Our Super Slick Ceramic Infused Sealant gives virtually any surface a silky smooth finish with superior water beading protection. Helps coatings last longer while adding protection and shine, but can also be used as a stand alone sealant if you are not quite ready for a full blown permanent 9H ceramic coating. Works great on paint, gel coat, glass, trim, leather, vinyl, countertops, stainless steel, ceramic sinks etc. Gentle formula that won’t strip wax, sealant, or vehicle coatings.
Made by Professionals for Professionals, but easy enough for anyone.


1. Make sure surface is clean and free of spots or smudges SHAKE BOTTLE to mix contents
2. Lightly mist one small section at a time. Using a clean microfiber cloth lightly buff section until even
4. Flip towel to dry side and buff until dry to reveal shine and silky smooth feel
6. Repeat if necessary
*If surface is warm we recommend spraying directly onto the microfiber towel and applying with the towel. This also prevents overspray to undesired areas.
Can also be used as a Quick Detailer to remove water spots,
or to enhance shine and add protection on the go.

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