Flex Coat PPF, Vinyl, and Leather Coating

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Liquid Armour Flex Coat is a specially formulated nano ceramic coating designed to remain flexible while enhancing and adding protection for PPF, vinyl wraps, and interior applications like leather, vinyl, and plastics.  This easy to use fast cure coating imparts super hydrophobic effects as well as chemical, UV, thermal, and hard water resistance.

Coated surfaces will stay cleaner longer as dirt and other contaminants will instantly be encapsulated in water droplets and roll effortlessly off the surface.  This is known as the "self cleaning effect".

LA Flex Coat is also the perfect coating to help protect and prevent premature fading of marine cushions and curtains including clear vinyl.  

Flex Coat is compatible with with all types of PPF and vinyl wrap finishes including matte colors.  Due to the flexible nature of the coating it can even be used to enhance the ease of maintenance of self healing PPF.

Flex Coat is easily one of the most versatile and easy to use coatings on the market.  

Package includes 30ml. Flex Coat, Premium Applicator, and 400gsm edgeless microfiber leveling towel.