DECON+ Prep and Maintenance Foam Wash (Gallon)

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Our Specially Formulated multi-surface foaming wash is the perfect first step for ceramic coating prep. Also amazing as a maintenance wash for all surfaces.  Cars, boats, RVs, Motorcycles, aircrafts, or even around the home! 

We formulated this Eco-conscious Ph neutral combo to be 100% free of Wax, Silicone, and Dyes.

Safely removes Dirt, Grease, Tar, Bugs, Iron Contaminants and any other junk we didn't mention.
Add 1oz to s foam gun, or apply a small amount directly to a wash mit or sponge and apply to small sections before rinsing mit.  Let stand 3-4 minutes then rinse thoroughly with filtered water then dry. 

Note: For heavy contamination FALLOUT iron remover will still be needed.

Deacon+ may affect oil base waxes.

Customer Reviews

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William Hernandez

Love this Decon+Prep car soap paint looks cleaner than when I used to use carpro reset. I now only use this Decon+prep wash on all my customers vehicles and my own vehicle now DECON+PREP WASH is my favorite car soap.

Joseph Boino

I've been using this product for 4 years. . .Previously i was using it on client vehicles that I ceramic coated, this product has great foaming action and lubricity. I've staring using it on all vehicles I detail, I use this product with a foam gun which provide a HIGH foam factor. It just made sense to me to carry one wash product in inventory instead of multiple wash products. I've never had any issues with this product or any other Liquid Armour product. ALL Liquid Armour products provide professional results!!