Ceramic Crystal Creme

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Ceramic Crystal Creme is the best paste wax you will ever use. It lasts up to 1 year or more and can be used as a stand alone coating or to maintain your existing ceramic coating. Applies just like a high end wax with no lengthy cure time needed, and can even be applied over plastics and trim.  Crystal Creme provides excellent UV protection, adds high gloss, and beads water like crazy!

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Mervin Swartzentruber
Best stuff on the market for a creme

Liquid Armour crystal creme hands-down the best you can get depending how you take care of your car will last 12 to 16 months applies like wax easy wipe off goes on glass plastic aswell!

Lauren Leath
Awesome Product

Easy to apply, glass like look, smooth surface.

William Tyner
Easiest ceramic product to use

Liquid Armour crystal paste is such an easy product to use. I have 5 vehicles and all of them have been treated with Liquid Armour. The detail spray is an awesome product as well.

Ceramic Crystal Creme

I find the Ceramic Crystal Creme easy to use for application and removal. This product outperforms many of the high end products that I have used costing hundreds of dollars. The product is very hydrophobic and has an excellent shine compared to that of a ceramic coating. This product definitely turns heads. Of course results will vary depending on the vehicle condition and how well the vehicle is prepared before applying this product. I have detailed for years. Try this product and you will be happy with the results.

David Sotelo
Ceramic crystal creme

Ceramic crystal creme , is definitely the creme de la creme, this stuff is serious, it beads so tight it's like you have actually added some a true liquid Ceramic, my new money maker

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