Quick Shine Nano Detailer 8oz. - Liquid Armour

Quick Shine Nano Detailer 8oz.

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Quick Shine Nano Detailer helps maintain and rejuvenate your ceramic coating. Use after every wash to aid in drying and add protection and gloss.  Can also be used as a waterless wash and shine.

With the use of a quick detailer you can drastically reduce washing to about every other week on your commuter car, and once a month for the weekend, depending on weather conditions of course. Time is only one factor in considering quick detailing. Water shortages, lack of facilities and bad weather are also things that make normal washing more difficult.

Done properly, LA-DS80 detailing spray can reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning your car. It also reduces the effects of harmful elements on your ceramic coating, like road grime, bird droppings, bugs, and keeps your car looking sharp. Ten minutes every day or every other day is all it takes to maintain a great looking finish.

LA-DS80 is not just for the exterior of your car. It also works great for your car's interior as well. It will remove dust, fingerprints and light soil from all surfaces, even if it is not Liquid Armour coated.


To prevent scratching and swirl marks, LA-DS80 Detail Spray should not be used to clean large areas with heavy dirt. If in doubt or when heavy dirt is present, hand wash your vehicle with quality car wash shampoo.

  • Always use a high quality microfiber buffing towel and fold your towel into quarters.
  • Start at the top and work your way down to the lower surfaces of your car. Holding the Quick Detail Spray 12" away, lightly mist about a 2' by 2' area on the surface of your car with the LA-DS80 Detail Spray.
  • Gently wipe in a straight line back and forth , then flip the microfiber buffing towel and buff dry.
  • As the surface of the microfiber buffing towel gets dirty, flip it to a clean side.
  • If needed, when all sides of the towel start to look a little dirty, switch to a fresh microfiber buffing towel.

PRO TIP! For that flawless, just detailed look after washing your car, use the LA-DS80 quick detailer to eliminate any streaks, spots and enhance the gloss.