Liquid Armour Nano Coat

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Liquid Armour Nano Coat multi-surface stain and UV protective coating forms nanoscale layers on textiles and hard surfaces, immediately bestowing anti-stain and water resistant properties on most materials. Fabrics coated with Liquid Armour's nanoscale hydrophobic treatments become very easy to clean as they inherit water, oil, and dirt repelling characteristics. There are several methods for applying Liquid Armour's innovative hydrophobic coating technology, each of them are easy to perform. 

Liquid Armour's Nano Coat is a best-in-class repellency technology.  It is designed to make many surfaces hydrophobic, repellent to water and other liquids, and keep the treated surface cleaner as a result. LA Nano Coat is easy to apply, optically clear and ultra thin. It can even be applied via several application methods. Features include:

  • Extreme Waterproofing and Spill Protection
  • UV Protection
  • Stain Resistance
  • Optically Clear (100% transmission)
  • Apply via Dip, Wipe, or Spray
  • Applies in Minutes