Star_Coat_Detail Experience P1

LA9H Experience P1

The first thing I did when I received my first bottle of LA9H was test it out on my own vehicle. Among the almost 30 cars I’ve possessed over the years the one I had at that particular moment was a 2014 Mustang Track Pack 5.0 Litre in Race Red. I pulled out the good ole DA polisher and got the paint the best that I felt capable, then came time for the ceramic coating. I didn’t have a personal garage (to allow proper curing conditions) but the job I had at that time had a large garage that I would often store my cars in anyway, so that’s where it all began! When the LA9H was finished, I couldn’t stop looking at the car. It looks like a wet piece of candy! From that point on, I knew there was nothing else that made me feel the way I did than looking at this work of art I finished.  I wanted to share that with others! With tons of support from my family and friends, I decided to make a career out the thriving passion I have for automotive detailing!