5 Benefits of Liquid Armour Ceramic Coatings

1. The Best in Surface Protection, Period.

Liquid Armour's ceramic nano-coatings provide a strong protective film that can block all manner of contaminants and prevent them from causing damage to just about any surface. On any given day your car, boat, RV, and even your home have to endure a variety of attacks from accidental scratches, spills, bird droppings, sap, acids, dirt and other contaminants that are an inescapable part of life. The glass nano-coating ensures that the original treated surface is encased in a protective layer that can withstand a great deal of damage without showing any ill-effects.

2. Ceramic Coatings Last Longer

A ceramic coating goes much further than an ordinary clear coat or traditional waxes and sealants for protecting the surface. The new protective coating is fused to the surface on a molecular level and is not dislodged by vibrations or external force. Traditional coatings, such as wax, wear off over time when exposed to the weather and acidic components of the atmosphere. Liquid Armour's nano-coatings last for years not months or weeks.

3. Surfaces Stays Cleaner

The more pitted a surface, the easier it is for dirt to find tiny pockets to sink into. As the name suggest, nano-coatings work at the molecular level to ensure that the coating provided is extremely smooth and even. This means that even when the dirt encounters the coating it finds no place to stick and simply rolls off the surface. Because of this, most of the contaminants encounted from the elements will be unable to stick to the surface and will fall away leaving it in its initial pristine state. This is known as the self-cleaning effect.

4. Eliminates the Need for Wax, Polishes, and other Off the Shelf Products

Getting a car or boat waxed was the older equivalent of getting a special coating to protect its surface. The problem of course is that the wax sealant provides less protection and eventually wears off.  This means a fresh coat needs to be reapplied several times a year.  On the other hand, a single coating of Liquid Armour ensures that you never need to wax again – ever!

5. Cost Effective

It may seem at first glance that having a ceramic coating installed is cost-prohibitive, but not with Liquid Armour. Sure, you can have a professional apply the product and many do, but a Liquid Armour installation is no where near the cost of what others charge for a standard size vehicle. 


Most coatings on the market are OEM private labeled formulations that become expensive to produce, package, and import.  We at Liquid Armour Protective Coatings, on the other hand, work with state of the art manufacturing facilities with some of the best chemists in the world to produce our raw component ingredients but do as much as posible in house, right here in the USA, so as not over inflate the cost of the product.  

Our professional ceramic coatings are essentially permanent if maintained properly.  It would only require a single application over the average lifetime of ownership (5-7 years).  If you invest in Liquid Armour's professional ceramic coating you would end up saving both time and money over that period.  Choosing a premuim protective coating from Liquid Armour will also help preserve the value of your auto, boat, RV , motorcycle, and even your home!